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 Berlin Flute Studio

Welcome to the Berlin Flute Studio!

“Where words leave off, music begins.” Heinrich Heine

With over a decade and a half of teaching experience, a rich experience as an orchestra player and soloist. A BA, Diplom and Master's degree in Music, I am keen on sharing knowledge, and coach you in your musical journey with the flute and beyond it.

This studio is all about finding interesting ways to explore musicality. So, I invite you to start by exploring this website for more information!

I offer a free trial lessonSo let's meet soon!


Leslie from Potsdam

"We first met Avner Geiger as a flute teacher for our 14-year-old daughter! Avner was such a great teacher - motivating and flexible! During the Corona years, he was simply incredible, offering challenges and tasks to all of his students via FaceTime, with recordings, and continued teaching despite the lockdown via the internet! Now he is the woodwind and brass ensemble teacher for our son! And there too, he is innovative, attentive, patient! We can only speak positively about Avner, and we are so glad that our children have him as a teacher!"

Christiane from Potsdam

"Thank you, Avner for 4 helpful years of lessons. Your professional, easy-going lessons really improved my sound, technique, and articulation. You have motivated and challenged me to take on difficult pieces. Avner's workshops about performance and breathing are recommended to any amateur player"

Michael from Berlin

"I always look forward to my lessons with Avner. He is a very friendly and patient teacher. I learn a lot from him and the 90-minute lessons fly by. He has already given me a lot of advice on my technical problems that you can't find in books. When it comes to musical composition, he always uses the melodic or harmonic structure to explain why you should play something in a certain way and not otherwise.  If you then practice daily at home, you will make rapid progress with Avner"

Lesson concept

Firstly, the technical aspect of playing is crucial, but I believe it must be accompanied by a broader understanding of music - how to listen to it, comprehend it, analyze it, and imagine it. All of these elements are integral parts of the lesson.

Lesson Options


Private Lesson- 

One on one or online


Video-Clip- Exchange- for independent




Push yourself

  • ​Articulation Challenge

  • The big Étude Challenge

  • Open your sound Challenge

  • The Intonation Challenge


Flute Bootcamp 3 to 5 Days. A big change in a short time. 


Workshops 2024:

  • Performance

  • Breathing

  • improvisation 

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