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Avner Geiger

I'm Avner

Professional flutist and Master Graduate with over

18 Years of Professional teaching Experience.

A Bit About Me

For the past decade, I have been residing in Berlin, where I've benn teaching at both private and conservatory institutes (Städtsiche Musikschule Potsdam). Throughout the years, I have the pleasure of working regularly  with prestigious orchestras like the Deutsche Oper, Kammerakademie Potsdam and Munich Chamber Orchestra and many more. My passion for music extends beyond orchestral performances, as I'm also deeply enthusiastic about chamber music, musical research, and, of course, teaching this beautiful instrument!


I have been fortunate to receive guidance from exceptional teachers, among them Prof. Andrea Liberknecht, Patrick Gallois, and Marten Root. My educational journey includes a Bachelor of music graduation with honors from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in 2005 where I studied with Prof. Avner Biron, Diplom graduation in 2008 from the esteemed HMT Hannover having studied with Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht, a post-graduate excellence diploma from Conservatoire Aulnay-sous-Bois after studying with Patrick Gallois in 2009 and finally a Master degree in 2018 in Early music from the UDK Berlin where I studied with Prof. Christoph Huntgeburth. 


I firmly believe that music studies, at all levels, should equip students with tools-both technical and artistic, necessary for expression, so they can become artists who express themselves fully. I have started teaching intensively at the music school J.S Bach Potsdam in 2015 and have been teaching beginners and advanced students of different ages, leading ensembles and workshops and more, in 2023 I founded a young orchestra in Potsdam, called "Jägerbläser" with very talented young wind players. I try and see each student as the individual she/he is and provide students with innovative ways of learning. I believe in instilling a thorough understanding of the instrument and its repertoire, enabling my students to grow as musicians, artists towards their own self-expression.

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